This is the year when everything (hopefully with exception to my job, car and housing) changes. I can feel it. Something in the depth of me is questioning the definition of me and my fundamental beliefs about my sexuality, my friendships, my religion, my mission and my fundamental duties as a citizen of this planet. While it is unlikely that I am going to abandon my current self, I hope that the woman who emerges in the end is as happy, compassionate, grateful, kind and loving as I know she has the potential to be.

I’ve created this blog to talk about, well, about me and the things I discover about life along the way. While I believe I must continue to grow and learn, I have felt the reshaping of me more accutely
this year.

Who I am now. I’m an adventerous, friendly, happy and very busy girl who at times lets the melancholy part of her soul sneak out, and who at times gets so swept away with living that she just has to sit down and write it all out.

Although I will write as the spirit moves me, and as I find time, you will likely see the most new entries on Mondays and/or Fridays. Enjoy.