So this is how Thursdays usually go.

First of all, I write for a wire service and a weekly news publication
writing about energy news. Our weekly news deadline
is Thursday night.

Today I am done working at 7:30 p.m., a very early Thursday
time to be all cleared to head home. Or as in this case, to write a blog.

But usually I’m swamped with stuff to write, no matter how
hard I’ve worked all week to get stuff in, until 8 or so and then its a
couple of hours before my boss gets around to finishing
up reading my copy so I can go home.

The reason there are no deep thoughts tonight in my blog
is because I think there are none left in my head. I’m wiped out.

I’m a writing zombie staring at this blue “dashboard” for my blog and
not sure whether I’m sometimes seeing double.

Last night was a blast. I finally got around to using one of my
birthday presents (which was in January), a chocolate fondue set.
I really loved the gift but I just hadn’t really taken the time to figure
out what I had to do.

Turns out its really simple. Buy chocolate. Melt it (SLOWLY so as
not to burn it) in a double boiler or a glass/metal bowl on top of
a gently boiling pot of water. Pour in fondue jar and enjoy.

One of my neighbors and god daughter came down and we had a girls night
with strawberries, sweet chocolate, and other things we wanted
to try dipping in chocolate.

hint: Lime corn chips + chocolate fondue = your taste buds will revolt

dried banana chips + chocolate fondue = pretty yummy

soft unpitted dates + chocolate fondue = way too much sugar,
oh and the dates totally overwhelm the flavor of chocolate.

At least I was smart enough not to try chocolate with the hummus,
hee hee.

I also had a date with Viggo. Ok, so actually, it was a date to watch
the movie Hidalgo, in which Viggo stars. I’m not sure why I hadn’t rented
it before since I’ve adored Viggo Mortensen ever since I saw him show
up to a TV interview with an anti-Iraq war T-shirt (pre-invasion) under his
suit jacket.

I had just protested the war in a demonstration in D.C. (ah for the freedom
of college life when I wasn’t covering Congress and could have a public
opinion on that).

I really liked the movie. Really. It almost had the feel of a much shorter
(and ok less sad ending) “Lawrence of Arabia. I might have to buy it.

I also love horsees and Native American stuff, since I have it in my blood.

I’m part Delaware Indian baby.

Ok. Now I’m inspired to write something about the first time I listened to
Native American music in nature. I’ll post it in another blog since it really
doesn’t deserve to be stuck in a blog with such a blah beginning. Looks like
you all will have the pleasure of two entries tonight.