I have been invited on a two week trip (all expenses paid) to Israel to sing with an international choir in December 2009.

I’ve never been to Israel or anywhere in that region so I’m really thrilled and honored to even be offered such an opportunity. My mother has also been invited to go.  Therefore it seems I’ll have someone to share the experience with. Yay.

When I attended my parents’ church on Saturday my mom introduced me to the choir director who is coordinating the Israel trip/concert. After the church service, the white-haired man motioned for me to come over to the black grand piano at the front of the 400+ capacity size sanctuary and he auditioned me right then and there. There were people still milling about in the back of the sanctuary, saying thier hellos and thanking the pastor for his sermon.

Luckily I’m not stage shy. Yet as I started to sing music scales for him, I wished that I’d been able to warm up on something more than the two hymns that were sung during the church service.

He agreed with me that I am a first Soprano and invited me on the trip but with one condition, I must sing in his x-mas concert this year.  If I know anything about church choirs, he probably needs all the proper first sopranos he can get (i.e. sopranos who can accurately hit and sustain the high notes).  I agreed to his terms, but added that I would not be able to rehearse on Thursdays. We shook on it.

So now it seems that I’m adding Israel to my potential 2009 travel list, which also includes a wish list of Hong Kong and Istanbul. I’ve also generally put in my mind to take some time next year to travel around the US to visit some family and friends, including some friends I’ve made this summer.