Today I had a bad scare when I heard my maternal grandmother went into the hospital this morning. She’d been throwing up for two days and there were some other symptoms that for her discretion I will keep quiet on.

I’ve never before heard my mom crying in fear for her mother’s life, but today she was. That shook me up.

I could tell because mom’s voice was shaking and stuttered when she told me. She tried to put a positive spin on it but I could tell that she was terrified. “This is the first time that I’ve actually been worried about my mom,” she told me. Dad was there with her. Honestly, he is the best person to have around when you go to the hospital because he used to be a medical photographer and he’s used to dealing with hospital doctors and staff.

Then I had to do what I imagine an eldest child must do when her parents are distraught. I called everyone else that needed to know (with exception to my aunt who mom was about to call) to put them on prayer alert. That put me to thinking, should I have a ready list of who to call if something happens to those I love? I donno if I’m ready to do that quite yet.

The hardest part was telling my little brother about it. He is very close to grandma and I could tell he was getting all choked up on the phone too. I love that my family is that attached to each other.

Grandma is in her late 80s maybe even early 90s. I’ve never been able to know. She lives by herself, still drives a car and is otherwise completely self sufficient.

Until about an hour ago I was really depressed and worried. But mom called and said Grandma’s diagnosis is better than we had thought and she should be able to recover. Whew. I’m sending prayers of thanks up to God that I’ll have more time on this earth with my grandma.

And for this round of calls, I’m very happy to share the news that the doctors think she’ll be OK.

p.s. Today the blog surpased the 250 mark on the number of hits the website has had since it was launched 13 days ago. That means 250 people have visited my blog thus far.