Well it turns out things are worse than originally thought. Grandma has a bowel obstruction, a potentially lethal problem. It turns out (and please don’t read this next part if your just about to eat) that she was puking up feces for two days and hadn’t had a regular bowel movement for 7 days. Not good. Apparently the smell of what is coming back from her small intestine (she’s blocked up where the large intestine turns to the right) is worse than the regular stuff, you know what I mean.

One of the long-term frightening parts of this is that she has the same genetic food intolerance condition that I, my mother and my aunt have. Thus I also fear the idea of this happening to all three of us someday. It also turns out that our family has a history of these occuring. As far as I know most of them lived through it though. That fact is encouraing.

For some months lately she’s been allergic to all but two (yes two) ingredients: beef and corn meal (and only one brand of cornmeal at that).

She’s in the hospital. She’s in less pain because they’ve got her on morphine and an IV saline drip. My father stayed with her all night and my mom got up every hour last night to pray. But mom has work this morning so she couldn’t stay at the hospital.

If you believe in God, please pray that God will have her body find the strength to move the obstruction. I fear she is too frail to survive a surgery. Mom has asked the pastor to do an anointing of Grandma Renicker on Friday night. I’m going. Please pray. Thank you.