Yesterday I suggested to a friend that he write a list of 50 things to do in the next 10 years.

Here’s what I have so far. I’m going to leave the last five things open for a couple days to see if I get any good recommendations.

1.      Throw an impromptu WMATA subway car party with my friends

2.      Learn the military phonetic alphabet

3.      Travel to every continent

4.      Eat Kimchee in Korea

5.      Sing Karaoke in Japan

6.      Buy a prayer flag in Tibet

7.     Drive up to New York, spend time with Jon’s mom and visit Jon’s grave to put flowers there on memorial day at least twice

8.      Send thank you cards to veterans on veterans day every year in honor of Jon Cadavero (1 year accomplished so far)

9.      Sky dive

10.  Fall deeply in love — helplessly, unabashedly and unconditionally.

11.  Go to Walden Pond and read Thoreau while drifting in a canoe.

12.  Shower in a waterfall.

13.  Make out under a waterfall

14.  Drive the Autobahn

15.  Revisit the Grand Canyon, take the donkey ride down, go white water rafting in the Colorado River

16.  Swim with whales in the wild (or at least be in a small boat next to them)

17.  See the Aurora Borealis.

18.  Sleep in an ice motel

19.  Go into the wilderness for a week and speak not a word for 7 days solid.

20.  Go snorkeling at a tropical reef (hopefully there will still be fish around)

21.  Take a three + day horseback camping trip

22.  Ride a camel in the desert

23.  Crochet a sweater that fits and looks good

24.  Learn how to make a pie the way my grandmother does (God willing)

25.  Visit a live volcano

26.  Go ice climbing

27.  Get back into rock climbing again

28.  Learn how to play the paino accompaniment to Air in G

29.  Pay off my credit card debt

30.  Buy a car with cash

31.  Go to the tomato festival in Spain

32.  Learn how to say 50 useful phrases in five different languanges other than English

33.  Write my will

34.  Have Grandma show me her geneology research and scrap books one more time

35.  Ski down a double diamond slope – successfully

36.  Throw a dart at a map and go there

37.  Go grape stomping

38.  Learn how to change car brakes

39.  Meet a Delaware Indian

40.  Learn how to tango… go tango dancing

41.  Spend 24 hours in prayer, meditation and song

42.  Say I love you without fear of hitting the ground (it’s a lot easier to stay safe and know you’ll only have to jump from a bunk bed of a relationship than to take a chance and leap from the skyscraper of love)

43.  Beat my brother at a game of Chess

44.  Learn a Soprano opera song in the original language and sing it for Karaoke some day when everyone’s good and schnookered