This weekend took it out of me…. I’m spent. Some of it was my own doing and some of it was just due to my existence on this planet.

As you probably know, my grandmother underwent major surgery and, thanks to the grace of God, she is recovering quickly and is expected to be checked out of the hospital. But the whole experience was emotionally draining for me. Truly. My arms and body felt weak and I felt a dull throbbing in my head. I don’t know how people  handle long term family health scares. My heart goes out to those brave and strong souls.

Saturday night, I had a blast at an all girls slumber party I went to once I knew grandma would be ok. We played Apples to Apples, watched TV, chatted about just about everything and had a grand old time.

Yesterday I made my way home and took my dog out to play in the park where my favorite tree grows.

There is something about Sherie the tree (pronounced: Sharie) that helps me find my center and return my mind to some semblance of peace. I love that tree. I sat there on one of the lower branches, with my legs hanging on either side like a great cat in a tree in the jungle. I sat there with my ear to the tree and smelling the mild fresh musk of bark until my legs started to go numb. I literally was a tree hugger. hee hee. I’ll have to write more about the tree and her history later.

Then I hung out with a friend who is flying back to college later this week. We devoured some kick-ass french toast (even using my gluten free rice bread, I was loving it, yummy) strawberries, sausages. I add, with embarrasment, that I got a little bit too thirsty for my own good.

Chris and a bunch of other interns were there so after the food was in our bellies, we played scrabble. I add here that Chris is an awesome wordsmith. I was impressed.

When I got home, I was feeling the need to just hang with someone who knows everything there is to know about me, who can offer me good advice on stuff and who is just generally one hell of a loyal and honest friend. That would be David. Luckily,  he was awake and so he came out and met me at Sharie the tree. He loves the tree too. We sat there on the grass (we never made it all the way to the tree) and chatted until 3 a.m.

Sophie, my dog, loves David. So she kept running back and forth accross the field and then back at david, like a puppy playing. She would tear around with grass flying behind her legs and then flop on the ground and roll around on her back… lord knows rolling on something smelly. David made some comment about how much of a great personality Sophie has and I agreed.

Then, realizing we both had stuff to do in the morning, we headed home.

I’m so lucky to  have such wonderful friends, both the new ones and those who have been in my life for many a year.

Today I feel my age and wish for sleep. But I’ve got a b-day party to go to in Chinatown so it will probably be a somewhat late night for me again. The good thing is that I’ll be at the mercy of the metro hours, which means I’ll be home before 12:30. I’m sure I’ll pass the … out when I get home.

Oh man, my pillow is sounding pretty good right now.