I’m home sick today for my failure to take care of myself these past few days.

It’s about 4 and I’m feeling strong enough to sit up and walk around, but I’m still pretty dizzy. Please don’t feel pity for me, it’s my own fault that I’m in this state…trust me.

I’m laying here on my bed in the clothes I put on this morning when I attempted to force myself to go to work. I basically crawled back into bed and passed out after I called my boss this morning.

Getting sick has given me a reality check about how I’ve been treating my body lately. And I now vow to get better at eating regular healthy meals, exercising, and at getting decent sleep. I’m also going to eliminate some things from my diet for at least a month just to see what happens or if it makes a difference.

My dog, Sophie, is sprawled on the bed, snoring. She’s left me enough room at the end of the bed to stretch one of my legs out. My bird, Peaches is perched on my leg making soft chirps at the treo (i.e. her reflection in the camera in the back of the phone). I can feel her shifting her tiny talons as she leans this way and that to coo at her image.

I’m wishing I hadn’t used up all the fresh fruit this weekend. And I believe I’ve run out of gingerale. I could really do with some strawberries or a banana right about now. Perhaps if I get enough energy I’ll take a quick trip to the grocery store.

My eyelids are getting heavy again. Must sleep………..