Last night I went to see “Superman” on the last night of the Screen on the Green festival on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with about a dozen friends and general acquaintances.

Makeeya, who is moving to South Korea in a week, and Kienen, a high school buddy of mine who was celebrating a birthday, jointly threw an informal celebration/going away party on the National Mall prior to the movie. A few of my press club and co-worker friends joined us too.

Kienen and Makeeya had arrived at 4:30 and spread out about five large blankets on the grass to reserve the space. We were probably about five sets of people away from the movie screen. Yay.

I got there about 7:30, giving me an hour to socialize before the movie started.

In front of my blanket space were a handful of guys playing UNO. Somehow we exchanged jokes and I commented that I wanted in on their next game, half joking, half hoping they’d let me play. About five minutes later I was throwing down cards and talking smack (in a playful way) to a group of guys who I’d not met before. It was wonderful. Funny thing is they packed up and left right before the movie started. They said they just came out to be social and that they were going to leave after the cartoon (which ran before the movie).We promised (of course knowing it wouldn’t happen) to meet at the same place for cards the next year.

Crap. In order to give full disclosure, I just realized that I broke my “going dry” pledge. Crap. The guys I met gave me a glass of white. I didn’t think anything of it at the time…but now that I realize I broke  my plan I’m kind of disappointed in myself. Oh well, there’s nothing wrong with jumping back on the wagon.

It was wonderful seeing Keinen again. He and I have so many fun memories together and he is such an open, loving and accepting friend. In fact, everyone on the blankets in our crew were totally cool and non-judgmental kids (as far as I could tell). There was laughter going around nearly all the night long.

My buddy Jay was there too, one of my college friends who I hadn’t expected to see and who I hadn’t seen in what felt like years. He came up beside me while I was swinging some Poi (glow sticks on a string) and showing off my skills (or what was left of them) like I used to do in my raver days. He made some comment about knowing how to find Kienen’s group by looking for glow sticks and I let out a shriek of glee and threw my arms around him in a big embrace. It was a wonderful surprise to see him.

The movie was great. I hadn’t seen it in its entirety before. *blush* And I was shocked at how many sexual innuendos were packed into the movie. Wowsers.

After gorging on good food and watching the movie, we packed up the blankets and five of us stuffed ourselves into Kienen’s car and went back to Takoma Park.

Tonight I intend on catching up with on some overdue household chores. The place is getting scary again. It’s funny but I’m actually looking forward to going home to clean.

Tomorrow night I’m taking advantage of D.C. Restaurant Week and trying dinner at Agraria with Jeff, a fairly-recent acquaintance who I met at during a house party about a month ago. I’ve never eaten at Agraria before, but I’m looking forward to it because the kitchen buys all the ingredients from family-owned farms.