Ok, I’ve waited a day to post this, hoping I’d have something clever to say. But I think I’m going to have to just come out with what I think about a bunch of images that were taken of Bush acting like an idiot, or what may be better characterized as a horny drunken frat boy, while hanging out at the Olympics.

While, I’m clearly not the one to break this story or even to compile all the media clips, as has been masterfully done by Wonkette, I just have to say I’m embarrassed. Truly red in the face embarrassed, particularly of the photo where he’s about to smack the volleyball player’s butt.

If he were doing that in our nation, that would be bad, but not as horrifying as acting that way in an international arena. Moreover, he was behaving that way while visiting a nation where “appearance” and not embarrassing someone is of high social importance, at least the way I understand it.

I think it’s pretty clear from the pictures that he was schnookered out of his gourd that day. At least Edwards had the decency to boink someone in private (not that I’m happy about his recent schenanigans either).



What do you think?