On Saturday at about 12:30 p.m. a KIA Sportage slammed into the back of my four-door Nissan Sentra while my car was stopped at a stoplight in Frederick, Maryland. It was about a mile from my parents’ house. I and the other person in my car (who I’ve promised not to name in my blog) went to the hospital to get checked out and now we are both being treated for the effects.

I can say, however, that luckily there were no broken bones.

I have a preliminary accident report from a Maryland state trooper who answered my 911 call, and the medical records from the ER doctors that saw me immediately after the crash. I’ve also signed on a high-profile BBB accredited, AV-pier-review rated law firm to make sure all my related medical expenses are covered.

As for my injuries, suffice it to say that my body REALLY wishes the accident hadn’t happened.

What happened: My Nissan Sentra was stopped at a red light/intersection at the end of a highway when I saw in the side mirror an SUV approaching at a fast pace in my car lane. I turned to look through the rear window and said: “Shit they’re going to hit us.” Then I heard the crunch of metal against metal. I don’t remember if the other car driver put on the brakes or not.

 The worst part is that my head was turned to look behind me when the KIA hit my car. That was not a good position to have my body in when the cars met.

The SUV hit my car so hard that it had transmission fluid pouring from the bottom of its engine. The SUV also crunched the hell out of the back of my car. As for the bumper, well, the bumper is one speed bump from falling off. That said, I don’t think the car is totalled. I’ve left the car at my parents’ in Frederick.

I’m went to work today, but I took it easy.

I’m glad my uncle Nate recommended I get legal help to ensure my medical bills are taken care of. I’ve never signed a retainer for a major law firm before. This will be an interesting learning experience.