Do you ever notice how ugly people look when they are mad?

Have you ever noticed how much it disfigures their appearance?

This morning I was walking to my bus stop to go to work in D.C. I noticed a woman walking up the hill in my direction. She had on a baseball cap, pants and a short sleeved shirt. As she drew nearer she tipped her chin down so that her gaze was on the concrete in front of her. She was avoiding looking at me. It was not until she was inches from me that I realized she was someone I knew, someone whom I’ve since parted ways with due to a misunderstanding.

Her lips were tight and slightly withdrawn into her mouth. She kept her eyes down as we passed.

I was surprised, not at her behavior, but that I didn’t recognize her until she was inches away from me.

The woman I remember as having a lovely face with high cheekbones and a full smile had been transformed. Her face, distorted with resentment and anger, had become almost unrecognizable.