If you’ve ever bought a used car from a dealership. Chances are high that it came from a rental car agency.

It turns out you may have a better chance of buying a good car from a rental agency than from a dealership, the local manager of a major car rental agency told me last night when I picked up a rental car.

My car is out of commission due to a recent car wreck. See blog titled “whiplash.”

The rental agency manager, who was able to talk candidly because the office was empty, said rental companies keep the top 2% of their car fleet and sell the rest (the broken and the lemons) back to car dealerships.

She contends that about 80% of the used cars in a typical car dealership lot come from rental agencies.

The woman added that although she has “seen the way some rental cars are treated” by customers, by buying from a rental company, at least you will know that the rental agency has performed most if not all of the manufacturer-recommended maintenance work.

p.s. My blog entry “Mad Ugly” was picked up and mentioned on the front page of http://www.dcblogs.com yesterday. As a result, Esther now-and-then-some hit a new record of 221 visits in one day. Not bad for a blog that’s about a month old.