So I finally got a human on the other line at my car insurance company, Progressive. Apparently that requires something just short of supernatural powers.

The adjuster handling the property damage claim for my accident is determined to be incompetent.

The adjuster hasn’t once returned my calls and, as of today (9 days after the accident), hadn’t called the insurance company of the guy at fault.

This has left me in the uncomfortable position of having to put the cost for the car rental on my credit card until the current and growing rental invoice can be transferred to the liable insurance company. It has also left me with the possibility of having to pay the $500 deductible on my car and waiting 6 to 10 weeks to be reimbursed.

Moreover Kiesha, my adjuster, hadn’t called to tell me the estimate on the car or the expected completion date. Everything I know about the status of my car comes from talking to the car body shop or from getting some minion at progressive on the line.

Tonight after work I got one of the supervisors of my car company, Progressive, on the phone and he promised to personally call the other insurance company at 8 am tomorrow and to call me to update me. He apologized that Progressive had failed to make that call yet.

Here is what I know.

The trunk (lid, back panel and the metal frame inside the trunk) was destroyed and will have to be replaced. The bumper will have to be replaced. The right and left back doors, both back side panels and the side runners will need to be fixed. The entire back half of the car will also get a fresh coat of paint. So at least half of my car will be scratch free.

Estimated Cost: $4,173. I sure am glad that I won’t have to pay that bill.

Estimated time until complete: Next Friday, Sept. 5.

That means I’ll be stuck with a car that has a slight pull to the right and the smell of stale cigarettes for about another week and a half. Urg.

Now for some more comforting news: The other driver admitted he was at fault in a recorded statement to my insurance company. Hopefully by tomorrow the other company will admit liability and make my life that much easier.