Tonight Hillary got on the microphone when New York was called on the roll call…. and asked for a vote by acclamation for Obama as the presidential candidate.

I watched the DNC roll call on live feed.

So here’s what happened.

New Mexico yielded its votes to Illinois. Illinois in turn yielded its votes to the “great State of New York, home of Hillary Clinton,” leaving 282 votes in New York’s hands. The camera panned in and there was Hillary in an aquamarine blue suit holding the microphone.

“Madam secretary on behalf if the great state of New York,” said Clinton “…with eyes firmly fixed on the future with the spirit of unity… let’s declare together, in one voice, right here, right now that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president. I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules and … Obama be selected by this convention by acclamation as the democratic presidential candidate for the president of the United States of America.”

“Is there a second?” said woman doing the roll-call vote, and the convention hall broke out in a roar.

When she asked for all in favor, the roar was even louder. I note here though that the woman didn’t give much pause when she asked if there was anyone opposed. And in the background I’m pretty sure I heard some noise of dissent but not enough for the average TV viewer to notice.

I hope the media doesn’t make a big deal that there was still some dissent.

Other highlights from the roll call:

When it came to DC’s vote, I was proud to hear Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton again use her bully pulpit to point out the need for DC residents to have taxation WITH representation. One of the primary reasons why I will not move inside the DC border is because I would lose my representation.

When it came to Maryland,  with Congressman Elijah Cummings giving the announcement. We had 100 votes= 6 votes for Hillary, 94 votes for Obama.

My call for unity:

There has been talk about whether Hillary supporters would vote for Barack Obama.

Speaking on the behalf of one proud Clinton supporter, I can say with a resounding voice that Obama has my full support in this election. And I encourage other Clinton supporters to use their brains and realize that a vote for McCain is a vote for another lunatic in the White House.

For God sake Hillary fans, I beg you to put aside your pride and give the united front we need to get the Republicans out of the White House.