What’s the point in getting a US Passport Card if I can’t use it for international flights?

In starting early preparations for a trip to Rome in November, I’ve begun looking into what I’ll need to bring. And yesterday I checked the expiration date on my passport. Luckily, I have another year until it expires.

I also decided to check out whether it might be a good idea to replace my “booklet” passport with the slimmer wallet-size US Passport Card. I was thrilled with the idea of being able to just slip it into my wallet when I travel.

It turns out that the design is the only good thing about a passport card. It can only be used for “land and sea travel between the US and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda,” but not for international flights.


I guess I’ll have to stick with my standard bulky passport until the US government decides to come up with something slimmer that other countries will accept.