I have to pass along a link to a recording of a fake McCain Voice mail to Palin that had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

Political articles worth noting

I also came across two articles today that I really enjoyed reading and just had to pass along.

One gives Joe Biden advice on how to win in a debate against a girl, i.e. Sarah Palin (who I now lovingly refer to as Ann Coulter with babies). “The problem with Palin is not going to be her agenda, but that she’s not a real candidate,” writes Dahlia Lithwick in Slate. Lithwick recommends Biden treat Palin like a man.  The writer also notes that “it’s far harder to beat a clumsy opponent than a good one.”

The other is a Washington Post article that takes a quirky look at how the role of Vice President has evolved from that of a seat warmer to something much more like a “deputy president.”  

“Today the incumbent vice president is widely regarded as the most powerful in history, a potent force, unfettered, almost a rogue operative,” writes Joel Achenback.