With the start of my choir season, I am officially launched into the busiest quarter of my calendar year.

This summer was unusually calm for me and I had plenty of free weekends and other days to spend with my friends and pursuing fun. My unofficial summer break is over now and I feel the schedule closing in around me.

Things are so crazy that I’ve got stuff scheduled (carved in calendar stone) into July 2009. Seriously. This is getting ridiculous.

Yet, I’m not really complaining. I won’t give up singing in the Kennedy Center. I won’t give up trips abroad or ushering (seeing plays for free) for the Shakespeare Theatre. I won’t turn down a cruise to the Caribbean and I certainly won’t pass on giving PowerPoint presentations for BeadforLife, hosting education and BFL sales tables at Animal Shelter fundraisers or taking some time to spend with my siblings when they come home for the holidays.

There will be breaks. And I am determined to make space for time with my friends. But, today, I realized I have three free weekends left until the new year. 

Now, I must rush home and feed and walk my dog, oh and scarf down some mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil for dinner before dashing off to choir.