Some of you may already know that I avoid driving into Virginia.

You see, when I cross the state line in my car, everything seems to turn to Swahili. I get tragically lost nearly every time.

The way the roads are designed and the behavior of the drivers, not to mention the fact that nearly every intersection has a no-U-Turn sign, drives me NUTS.

This frustration has tainted my opinion of Virginia in an odd way. For example, I’m less likely to date a guy who lives in Virginia (anywhere more than a short walk away from a WMATA metro stop) than a guy in DC or Maryland.

And the only cities that I really like are Alexandria, Reston and Falls Church, but that’s because I have friends there.

Well my opinion of Virginia moved up a notch last week when I made an overnight work trip to Richmond, Virginia, for a federal appeals court case involving transmission siting rights federal vs. states’.

Like a smart girl I avoided traffic and got into my hotel about 9:30 p.m., just in time to have dinner with a friend.

What I found in Richmond was a funky little town with some restaurants with very creative chefs. For example, I had watermelon tequila soup served in a Champaign flute. It was surprisingly refreshing. And you couldn’t even taste the tequila.

While at dinner with Jason, a couple of his friends joined us. Like me, Jason has a deliciously eclectic group of friends. One of Jason’s friends — a self proclaimed garbage collector (who is actually an amazingly intelligent antique collector/restorer, art dealer) — told me that there is a hex on the city of Richmond. The curse is that anyone who visits Richmond can’t leave (or has to keep returning) until he or she has faced himself or herself. It was a very intriguing idea. And in truth, I feel a great pull to return to the city.

“Have you faced yourself?” I asked my friend. From his long round about reply I surmised that he believed he had. I don’t know if I can give the same answer.

 I also really enjoyed my stay at the local hotel, located one block from the Federal Appeals court and directly across from the state capital building.

There was a lovely surprise awaiting me at the hotel. It seems they had filled all the double twin bed-size cheap rooms and so they put me in the king size suite without raising the price. Check it out. p.s. sorry the pics are crappy because I took them on my phone.


My king size bed in a seperate room
My living room
My bathroom had a bidet. Unbelievable. I’ve only had those in my bathrooms in European hotels.

 On a side note: I apologize for not keeping up with the blog. As I’ve said this is a busy season for me. I’ll do my best to update at least three times a week.