Sometimes people do things, unexpected acts of kindness that restore my faith in humanity.

I was absentmindedly walking from the metro to my office around noon when the whole of my right foot somehow failed to miss the curb and I went sprawling. (There has to be some irony here that I had just picked up a new supply of updated prescription lenses.)

I think I grabbed for the green light pole to my right to slow my fall because I only had a red mark on my left hand and knees.

Anyway, a guy in a blue pin stripped shirt who had cross the street near me reacted and immediately stooped down to ask if I was OK and if I needed help.

I should have looked up, smiled, thanked him and let him offer me a hand up.

But proud Esther instinctively instead said thank you and that I was ok and pulled myself back to a standing position.

Limping (but trying to hide the pain of a slightly twisted ankle) I finished the last block between me and my desk.  I saw the guy was still walking ahead of me a few paces away.  I had an urge to run up and thank the guy but my pride and temporary longing to disappear in the crowd prevented it.

Yet I couldn’t help but smiling to myself about how nice it was that someone had stopped to ask.

It’s good to know that with all the selfish behavior that this city seems to foster, there are still some people willing to stop and help a stranger.