I have mice in my apartment.

Maybe I grew up watching too many Disney cartoons but I don’t like killing living things. In fact, I get sad when I have to kill ants or other creepy crawlers in my basement unit. That’s why I bought a have-a-heart mouse trap and tried to catch the mice in my house, one of which I know if a chubby little grey thing.

I’m also not fond of the idea of cleaning up after the mouse trap grabs its prey.

I was willing to be merciful for a couple of weeks and see if I could catch the mouse without killing it.

That was until I came home from a weekend away and found mouse poo on my couch, bed, in my fresh (formerly clean) linen closet, in my favorite winter boots (which now smell like mouse pee) etc. With each turd discovery I felt my anger rising and my compassion for the critters diminishing.

Now it’s WAR!!!

I’m going to the grocery store this week and buying a handful of painful mouse neck snapping traps. I’ll probably still cry every time I have to dispense of a used trap but I just don’t think I can stand the smell of urine or seeing little mouse turds around my house anymore.

Short of getting a cat to do the dirty work, I guess it’s up to me to be cruel.

So much for my fantasies of making little mouse outfits and having them design me fabulous evening gowns.