I’m not someone you would classify as a clean freak. In fact, I often have a hard time motivating myself to stay home and clean house instead of going out and being social.

Well, I came across a list of tips for cleaning the other day and it inspired me to try a few of the ideas. I’m also going to list an idea or two I’ve learned over the years.

The most useful tip was to clean in sets of three. Pick three things up and put them away, fold them, file them, wash them, etc, until you are ready to vacuum, mop, wipe or sweep. This worked wonderfully to help me feel like the task of reorganizing my bedroom closet was easier and it even inspired me to work on my bedroom when I was done.

Another tip was to listen to a book on CD while you clean. Well, I already do that and sometimes I also listen to NPR while I clean. I also listen to books on CD when I’m crocheting.

Another was OHIO (only handle it once) when cleaning.

I also read somewhere that it’s a good idea to keep a goodwill bag in the trunk of your car and add stuff to it each time you clean until you have enough to donate.

I keep a cloth wholefoods bag hanging in each room of my apartment for recycled goods. Then the night before the recycling truck comes around I carry the bags out to the recycling bins in my yard and sort the stuff there.

But I’m still hungry for more ideas.

What tricks do you use when cleaning?