Have you ever noticed that when your healthy you forget how it feels to be sick?

As I write this I’m in a metro train destined for home. I’m sick. I think I got it from a coworker who was sick earlier this week. I like the guy but he doesn’t really ever cover his coughs in the way that I would consider adequate. I note here that I am in no way a germ freak.

Anyway, the fever, shaky arms and legs, migrane and overall desperate urge to lay down struck me on my way in to work.

All of a sudden I realize why I was tossing and turning last night.

I got to my office, put my laptop work computer in my black briefcase with wheels (so thankful not to have to carry the laptop because I don’t know if I’m strong enough right now), wrote a note to my boss and stumbled my way back to metro center.

While I was at the office a coworker looked at me and said. You look absolutely pale. Go home. Two other nearby coworkers nodded their heads in agreement.

The sun through the metro window hurts my eyes and I’m fighting the need to curl up in a ball across the two orange seats in my seating area.

Thankfully there are no children on board. I don’t think I could handle it.

I’m at Catholic University stop now. Only two stops to go.

I feel the fever expanding in my head and a slight sweat gathering on my brow. Crap. I don’t want to be the person who gets so sick that the train has to stop. I don’t want to be the one who causes a train delay.

Ok one stop to go. I think I can make it. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s not that bad, that I’m just being melodramatic. No ….as the fever grows I realize that I’m not being melodramatic. This is bad…real bad.


I’ve made it to the bus stop. I’m surprised that the sun all of a sudden feels so good on my skin, almost like a warm blanket.

I’m going to stop writing now. My headache is making it harder and harder to concentrate. I just hope the fever breaks soon and that I’ll be healthy enough to give a power point presentation in the morning. The presentation is about extreme poverty and about a micro enterprise NGO project in Uganda (BeadforLife) that I have been a US community partner in (volunteer) for three years.