My friend’s father’s battle with brain cancer is over. His father passed away this weekend without ever making it back to the East Coast. My heart goes out to Sam and his family for their great loss after such a long, long struggle. They will be burying his father in California.

It seems trivial today to post a note about anything else. I have never lost an immediate family member and I dread that day more when I try to imagine what Sam and his family must be going through.

I think my brain has been trying to process such a concept because I’ve been dreaming about the death of family members and waking up with tears on my pillow several times in the past month.

I didn’t know Sam’s dad and I won’t pretend to even have a clue to know what he was like, but I do know that his family is strong and they will rally around their mother to help her make it through this next trying year.

If you want to know more about what Sam’s family has been through check out the family blog…Kenton Shin’s battle with Brain Cancer.