So I’m now full-throttle into my Freecycle addiction and I think I’m being pretty successful.

Before I offer to take something…. I make myself question whether the item up for grabs is something I want. I make myself envision where it would go. And I make myself question whether I would be able to fit it in/tie to top of my car.

Tonight I’m picking up a tan wood wine rack/end table which will work wonderfully at the end of my couch.

That said, I’m having a hard time sticking to my second half of my personal deal–to get rid of stuff.

Last week I was able to get a queen-size air mattress (self inflating) for free. My intention was to  get rid of the futon in my living room when I got the air mattress. But then when I got this 4 ft x 5 ft antique rug for the living room I was able to rearrange everything so it looks lovely and cozy, not crowded at all with a couch, futon, rocking chair, bookshelf, TV and trifold. Now I’m happy with the room.

The problem is that I’d already advertised the futon to give away on freecycle. Worse, someone wants it and they need it for a bed.

So on Saturday I will have to let the futon be carried out of my living room.I’m trying to believe that it’s a good thing because it will give me an opportunity to get more stuff. I’m thinking next I’ll look out for a love seat.

I’m also finding there are unexpected positive side effects of getting this new stuff.

1. I seem to be upgrading the quality of things I own. 

2. With each item I take home, I become inspired to clean or reorganize. Yay.

3. Finally, I’ve noticed that the things up for grabs are often seasonal and holiday based. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have asked for and offered to give away Halloween items and costumes this week.