I’m still not down from the high I felt last night when the news broke that Obama will be our next president. I’m not sure how to explain how I feel other than to say that — for the first time in many years — I felt hope last night. I was overcome with the purest, hottest joy I think I’ve felt in my life.

And it made me want to…. (and I did for hours and into the wee hours of the morning)

*ungulate my voice in a high pitched tone







*honk the horn as if the car were saying “o-bam-a”

*drive in the slow honking and screaming procession of cars down 16th street to the White House with one hand on the wheel and the other hanging out of the car holding strings to red, white and blue balloons.

*run with my buddies to the White House and join the thousands of voices in rejoicing, singing patriotic songs, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey hey hey… good bye, etc.

*scream “yes we did”

*grin until my face is numb

The night started off watching CNN at a “DC for Obama” party at Station 9 on U Street and 14th, NW. The room was crowded and the drinks were EXTREMELY over priced ($40 for 5 drinks!!!!!!) but the energy in the room was like an electric current from body to body, except that the energy spread and grew as the night progressed.


The room would roar in a sound (although there must have been less than 500) liken to being at a rock concert for at least a minute every time Obama won a state. And when we learned he won Virginia…. well….. the room went crazy. Anthony, Dave and I hugged each other, danced, and screamed. Then I climbed onto the soft light brown leather seat of a table booth and danced. Everyone danced for the 45 minutes until McCain came on TV. Out of respect and curiosity the room went quiet for McCain’s speech. It was a good speech, but nothing compared to the one Obama delivered some minutes later.


It was pouring outside but we didn’t care. We ran to the car and started making our way to the White House.

We made two rounds on 16th street and the White House and then parked. People with smiles, cheers and laughter were walking, and sometimes running, all around us on the sidewalks toward the White House. The sound of celebration surrounded us and lifted my spirits. 

The crowd was big and loud in the park. There were people banging pots and drums, people singing and chanting and always there was the sounds of screaming and cheering.

Better yet, it was as if everyone there had known each other for a lifetime. Strangers hugged and danced in circles, everyone was cheering everyone else along. I’m not a fan of sports but for a second I understood why men like sports so much.

On our way back to the car from the White House we sat down on a curb to hear the halo of sounds of the city. I ran accross a couple of friends who I hadn’t seen for years.

Then I felt inspired at a stoplight and ran between the rows of cars giving high-fives to people with thier windows down. Everyone had thier windows down, even the bus drivers. I would run to another intersection when the light turned red and do the same thing.

Then we went to the car and drove home. We agreed that our hearts didn’t want to leave the celebrations. But the adult in me knew that I needed to get home to sleep and return to work in the morning.

I was thirsty so we stopped at a gas station and Dave and Anthony went to get some water. I turned on the radio and the techno song “We’re in heaven” came on and I couldn’t help but turning up the volume and jumping out the car and dancing right there next to the gas pumps.

Another car pulled up and a couple women jumped out and we danced. Right there, we danced at the gas station.

Then we drove home. I crawled into bed, still grinning, and slept in past my alarm clock. Although there was a lot of swearing when I saw it was 9:55 a.m. when I awoke, I still couldn’t help but grin at the memory of last night.