I am flying to Italy on Friday morning and I should return the night of the 15th. So I apologize but I will not be able to update this blog (unless I find time to sit down at a computer cafe in Italy) until I return.

I’m wearing the Obama T-shirt in Italy. I’m going to wear it proudly.

I will be traveling with three friends, all men, to Rome. We’ll stay there for three nights and then take a train up to Florence. Along the way we might stop at Pisa to see the leaning tower and we might make a day trip to a nearby city. Then my friends will head north while I take the train back to Rome for a day by myself and catch the plane early the next morning.

It should be one hell of an adventure. I have a good camera (thanks to a loaner from my girl Kate) and a journal so I can re-live the experience on this blog when I return.