She sits at the computer, fingers pecking at the keys. She is wearing her black velvet formal full-length dress and her stage make-up remains on her skin leaving her face looking like she came from a make-up counter demonstration in a Macy’s store. Her new black leather boots feel soft against her left leg as she sits with legs crossed at the desk.

She knows she has to write a front-page story for her boss before she goes home for the night but still she is high from singing Elijah in the Kennedy Center less than an hour before. It’s 6:45 p.m. But the notes/words “the fire descends from heaven . . . the flames consume the offering. Before Him upon your faces fall, before him upon your faces fall.” (Song describes how flames from heaven descend to devour the offering Elijah had built — devouring the ox, the firewood, the stones and even the water in the ditch that had been poured on the altar — and how Israel realizes that Elijah worships the true God.)

She’s still without a phone, but she’s ok. She’s survived somehow thus far. It’s time to write her work story so her Thanksgiving vacation can begin.

Thanks for your notes and words of encouragement. I’ve made it through the weekend thus far fairly unscathed.

Procrastination must end…. catch you all on the other end of this story.