Today is the second in a row that I’ve slept in past the time I need to catch a bus to the metro to get in to work on time.  Leaving me to wake, shout of a stream of expletives and to dash around the apartment like a ferret on caffeine.

I’ve been using my new Blackberry Storm (review of the phone to come when I have time to rant) as my alarm. I think the problem is I’ve been able to hit snooze without getting up.

It’s really not good for my nerves to be running in hoping I beat the boss to the office and knowing the hell I’ll face if I don’t. It also throws off my day. I am still in the office finishing up a story because it took my mind an extra hour to unthaw in the morning — the hour it takes on an average day to wake up.

It’s also not good for my dog, who didn’t get walked this morning, but instead found herself being shoved out the door to pee in the yard, and I have no idea if she did.

And I hate to confess this but I felt so nasty today that I went over to the Nat. Press Club and used the member locker room to shower and wash my hair under a hard surge of water that had only started to turn warm when I was finished. Although it felt wonderful to get clean and know that I don’t smell, I’m sure that the pink barely sudsy antibacterial soap (not meant for hair) that smells slightly like pine sole and flowers didn’t do the job nor was it easy to untangle my hair under the press club blow dryer. Ug.

I’m so going to bed on time tonight and taking care of myself in the morning.

I beat my boss in only by an elevator ride this morning and I think he was suspicious because I still had my winter cap on when he arrived. I don’t think I tricked him any by leaving it on for another 30 minutes.