I’m limiting myself to 10 resolutions for this year.

1.Keep and honor a weekly running budget (i.e. self designed spreadsheets with daily spending tracking lists)
2.Pay off at least $4,000 worth of debt by this time next year. Do not use the credit card ONCE.

3. De-clutter house in next two weeks and then keep the place at a guest-visiting level of clean for the rest of the year. Maintaining my house will be at a higher priority than socializing (eegads, i hope I can hold to this).
4. Keep car clean

5. Take dog for two walks every day no matter how much of a rush I am in each morning and no matter how tired I feel when I come home.
6. Make time for weekend tennis games with brother at least once a month.
7. Take advantage of free gym memberships and exercise at least twice a week, no excuses.
8. Sit down each Sunday morning and plan at least four meals for the following week.

9. Be more self confident at work while also setting aside my ego.
10. Write in blog at least three times a week.

What are your resolutions?