To stand with friends or be among the people

Yesterday I  had the bittersweet dilemma of having to choose between hanging out with several of my friends during the inauguration or volunteering on the mall.

One of my West-coast girlfriends recently obtained some tickets for the inauguration and she was going to share one of them with me.  I was so elated that she would share such a gift with me that I started randomly skipping around the room saying “yay” and giggling like a fourth-grade girl for longer than I’d like to admit.

Yet before she learned she had tickets I signed up to volunteer for the inauguration festivities.

I have prior experience as a tour guide around the city and I’m also a volunteer usher/coat check/VIP room receptionist for the Shakespeare Theatre Company, so I figured I could use my experience for the good of the city. Plus I really love interacting with people and helping them find their way around the city. I thrive on it.

Anyway, I received a call yesterday from the guy coordinating one of the teams of volunteers who said I would be working where the ticketed area ends on 4th Street and the public access part of the mall begins. I was extatic until I realized that it also meant I had give up the option of standing next to my friends and sharing hugs with them during the ceremony. Yet I couldn’t give up a lifetime opportunity to be a part of helping the day run smoothly.

Although I felt a little sad that I had to tell my friend (and on such late notice) that I wouldn’t be using that ticket, I was relieved that she graciously accepted my apologies and understood why I wanted to take the volunteer position. I truly  hope she can find someone to use the ticket or else I’ll feel like a bit of a heel.

A house of guests

I am also thrilled to have several of my relatives staying at my place for the inauguration.

Among them are my uncle, and my cousin and his wife, who I have not seen for years, and my cousin’s friend/business partner.  Yay. My relatives are such wonderful people that I know it will be nothing but a pure joy to have them nearby.

Yet I’m a nester, a mother hen.  In that I wish I could have all of my friends who are going to the mall together in one place the night before the inauguration.

But I had to admit yesterday that it was not going to happen and it made me a little sad.  Last night I felt a little like a wounded kitten licking her paws in the corner. I so want to be able to share in the joy of Obama’s inauguration with my friends.  But here is one time that I have to admit, no I cant. 


Ah well, at least I’ll have my phone charged for texting.