I fully intend to write on Friday a more comprehensive blog about my experience as a volunteer on the mall for the presidential inauguration. But until then let me post a couple of photos that bring up some parts of the inauguration.
Here is a photo of a few of the volunteers in my team. As you might observe, we had these read hats that read “Presidential Inaugural 2009 Volunteer” to designate that we were there to help. We were working on the mall between 4th and 6th Streets, near the West wing of the National Gallery of Art.
659 Volunteers - Grid 1 Location

Next is a photo of a phenomenon that I found to be one of the most entertaining parts of the inauguration. There was this school of fish (i.e. people who REALLY wanted to be on TV) who would follow the camera boom around and cheer, chant and wave flags in front of the camera wherever it swung on the mall. They were shameless.
The school of fish

There will be more photos to come and tales of my adventures that day, of which there were MANY.
TTFN. -Esthernow