So my company is renovating the bathrooms on our floor to make them more energy efficient or some such thing. As a result I have to take the elevator up or down one floor to use the facilities.

First of all, it feels silly to be taking an elevator to go up or down one floor partly because it makes me feel lazy. Also, in the amount of time it takes to get an elevator I could have taken the stairs, used the facilities and already be washing my hands. I would take the stairs but the stairs don’t allow you to get onto any floors except the lobby.  I’m guessing that’s for security purposes.

But a more interesting phenomenon has occurred as a result of the need to take a trek.

It seems I am so in the habit of getting into the elevator to either go to the lobby or the 10th floor that when I get into the elevator after using the “facilities,” I find the doors opening to the high-ceiling marble ground floor lobby and I’ll realize that out of habit I hit the “L” button. It’s happened at least five times this week.

I’m guessing that by the time I’ll have created new pathways in my brain to remember to hit the 10th floor button when I’m on the 9th or 11th, the bathrooms on my floor will be open for use again.

Anyway, that’s just another observation I thought I’d share. And here’s another one. Ok, to be honest one of the reason’s I’ve been so bad at writing frequently is that I’ve felt guilty about never updating you on the inauguration. For the sake of us all and because that was nearly a month ago. I’m going to admit that there will probably never be a part II.  My apologies.