It seems like the end of last month and at least half of this month will be spent traveling (on weekends, that is).

I had a wonderful trip to San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California at the end of last month. Not only did I get some quality time with my gradmother, uncle and a friend but I had the opportunity to tour the renovated and recently re-opened California Academy of Sciences.

In one word the place is “stunning.” For those who are familiar with DC museums, this one creates a refreshing blend of the Baltimore Aquarium, a planetarium and the Natural History Museum. I could have spent the whole day there, and I nearly did.


Furthermore, the living roof and the other eco-friendly measures that were used in creating the building and its daily operations are awe inspiring.

Here is a picture of my grandman, myself, my uncle and his girlfriend.

Last weekend I drove up to York, Pennsylvania, to attend the baby shower of a former roommate and a girl who was a great friend. She’s expecting a boy and she’s bursting at the seams. It was wonderful to catch up with an old friend. It was weird however, to be surrounded by people my age. You see I’ve been hanging out with people who either attend or hang out with people who attend the college near by house, my Alma Mater.

This weekend shoud be even more interesting. I will be traveling with my siblings (brother and sister) to Tennessee to attend a wedding of one of my sister’s best friends. While I’m down there I’m going to take the opportunity to reconnect with a few buddies and some family friends. But pretty much most of the time will be spent as a road trip, 11.5 hr drive each way.  I’m hoping it works as a great bonding experience for us siblings.