Today I’m taking a reprieve from writing about fundraising for the Master Chorale of Washington to talk about my recent wrapping paper find. Yes, I said wrapping paper.

When I’m sad I’ll either slip out of the office and spend my lunch break at the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum staring at my favorite works of art, or I’ll spend time in Martin Luther King DC public library and return to the office with a stack of books, half of which I’ll never have time to read.

I needed such a mental break a couple of days ago. While waiting in line to return a tall stack of books, I started looking at the $1 sale rack nearby and before I knew it my right arm was barely able to hold the books against my side. Yes folks, I bought five hard-back books. But my prize find was several scrolls of topographical maps of West Virginia on sale for $1.50 each. I’m going to use them for wrapping paper. I’ll be recycling and saving money on wrapping paper. Yay.

It seems the MLK library is a fantastic place to shop for travel books, kids books, old classic library-bound books from the early 1900s or for nearly any other book. One of the librarians told me MLK receives more book donations annually, and sells more annually than the number of items that are checked out each year.