So am I the only person who isn’t freaked out by the threat of getting the flu?

Let’s face it. I live in a big city and sit in a big open work room where at least a third of my co-workers rarely cover their mouths when they sneeze. I also take the metro, touch door knobs and bite my fingernails.  Icky, I know.

While I’m disquisted by how wrapped up the media has become about the flu, I’m happy to see that at least some media outlets have noted that most face masks don’t do a damn thing to protect you from viruses.

In my opinion, if you decide to wear one, it should be because you think you might be getting sick and you don’t want to spread your germs.

Earlier this week an employer (who shall go unnamed)  sent out a memo about what it’s doing (nothing useful) about the current swine flu virus.

Get this:  The memo said employees should cover their mouths when they cough, wash their hands and stay home when they are sick.

So exactly what is the company trying to imply here?

It’s as if the company is saying that as long as there’s a flu scare, I have permission to stay out of the office if I get sick? But as soon as the scare is gone, well gosh darnit, I better not miss a day of work unless I’m on my death bed.

Screw that.

I am not in the camp of people who come in to work if they feel sick but can still get out of bed. I’ll take as many days off as it requires to get better.

I believe it’s immoral and just plain rude to show up to work sick and spread my germsfor the sake of following the unhealthy work habits of many other employees.

Not only does such behavior hurt the company in the long run because more employees will be forced to take sick days, but it indicates that I put my career above my health, which I don’t.

At least there are some benefits to a flu scare.

I’m really enjoying the fact that the check out lines at most stores, excluding pharmacies and grocery markets, are shorter and that traffic on the metro has actually eased up a bit.