With the choir ending, I’m finding myself with the urge to purge.

Purge myself of clutter, drama and a busy schedule so I can focus on what’s important.

I can make these changes, but not all at once.

First, and easiest of all will be purging myself of toxic people who come with much too much drama. Note: I’m not saying that I haven’t bathed in my own share of drama. Instead, I believe I’m ready to try to turn a new leaf.

For example, I no longer mind that someone I used to call a friend has a beef with me, because I’ve apologized and there’s nothing more I can do.  Time and again I have forgiven and allowed this person back in my life but this person keeps finding ways to push me away, be angry at me and cause more drama. After a recent outburst when the person screamed out the window at me in the middle of the night spewing profanities and lies, I reached “10.”

In fact, there’s been too much drama in that friendship from the start and with my post-choir closing cleansing ritual I think that friendship will have to remain where it is — purged.

Second goal, clutter reduction.  My fight with clutter has been a life-long struggle. But I’m sick of having an excess of material items in my small apartment. I think it’s time to slowly start paring away at the clutter and keep only the things that are valuable to me and that cannot be easily replaced.

Finally and most difficult of all tasks will be to stop scheduling and committing myself to attending/planning, etc, events. I will continue to spend time with my friends and go to parties and perhaps throw them for special occasions. But I will not go out and seek new entertainment or volunteer opportunities for a while. I am also considering that when this season ends with the Shakespeare Theatre I may not sign up to volunteer next year–an easy way to trim back my commitments.

I hope that in doing these things, I will better be able to focus on what’s important in life and live a more simple life of contentment with more time for a spiritual walk with God.