I need it to snow this year. I need to feel the cold flakes melt on my skin and tramp through dirty slushy sidewalks.

You see, I’ve become seriously concerned about the moderate temperatures we’ve had this year.

Where have all the cold winds gone? And why was I cheated from a blisteringly hot summer in DC this year?

Anyone who has lived in DC for the last several years DC will admit, the weather has been wonky these last few weeks. It was so warm on several days that my neighbor felt compelled to turn on his air conditioning, he told me.

For my part, I insisted on bringing my coat with me — in a futile attempt to convince the “weather gods” that they need to check their calendars.

What concerns me most is that I can’t recall an October where I didn’t need to wear gloves, a coat and a winter hat by the time Halloween rolled around.

Yet we’ve had high temperatures in the 70s and lows in the 50s (if my memory serves me right).

This summer wasn’t much better. Never did I feel so hot that I desperately craved an electric fan on my face or a long dip in the local pool. I feel cheated from my summer.

I love the seasons. I like feeling the changing seasons, smelling the change in the air (crisp in winter, mossy in the fall, fresh grass and field flowers in the spring and wet hot air in the summer). While in the heat or cold of the most extreme days I may complain of frozen digits or sweaty clothes, it feels natural to have such extremes.

What doesn’t feel natural is how temperate the weather has been so far.

There is one other side-effect of mild temperatures.

I haven’t felt the urge to pick up my crochet needles.

I realized last week that my cue to start crocheting winter gifts was the onset of cold weather. The cold weather would make me want to make a new scarf to protect against the wind. It hasn’t been cold enough to drive that urge this year.  So sorry friends, you may not get a crochet item this season.

I have some completely hypothetical ideas for why we’ve had such mild weather. My instinct tells me its due to global warming.  And yet there is little more I can do.

I already take public transit and recycle. I’ve reduced my meat consumption and I’m seriously considering gardening next year and starting a compost barrel.

To offset my carbon footprint, which has increased ever since I started dating my boyfriend who lives an hour away, I’ve even ceased eating meat during the work week.

But I feel helpless. Worse, I’ve realized how complacent society is determined to be. Almost everyone I’ve talked with was thrilled to have a reprieve from harsh weather for a few more days.  Still others seemed to say it was just the usual fluctuations that this area is famous for.

But I don’t know.  All I know is it hasn’t been cold enough for me to pull out my winter boots yet and I think it’s about darn time for the weather to get on track.

I need to see snow, lots of it, this year to feel slightly reassured that the world’s condition is not so dire as it’s beginning to seem.

I need a reason to believe that we still have time to turn the clock around.

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.