So I’ve neglected this blog entirely too much.  Starting today I aim to blog at least weekly, often on a Monday or a Friday.

For starters I’ll outline my 2010 goals.

Health, wealth and keeping up with, well, everything.


I’m now 32 and I can definitely tell that it’s easier to pack on the pounds. It used to be that at this weight I didn’t feel unhealthy. But that seems to be changing. I’m having more respiratory problems and I’m noticing it’s not as easy to do the somewhat more rigorous physical activities that have always seemed as natural activities. Plus I’m starting to fill out my clothes a little more than I had in recent months.

So I’ve determined to fix this downward spiral. First of all, I’m cutting back drastically on processed foods, especially my gluten-free breads and pretzels. Second of all, I’m eating as much fresh vegetables (or steamed) and fruit that I can and cutting out meat except for dinners out and weekends with my boyfriend.

For at least a month, starting today, I’m going to go without potato products and junk food, including those little chocolate treats my co-worker keeps out on her desk. Finally, I’m going to exercise at least twice a week (hopefully more) in one of the two gyms available to me at my office and in the nearby National Press Club.


My goal each year is to manage my finances better, and I believe there has been improvement. But there is always room for more. In addition to better budgeting/spending habits my goal this year is to buy a queen-size bed and take a trip to Hong Kong.

Keeping up

This year I intend to keep up with my household chores/cleanliness and to have purged both closets of gratuitous items by July. Moreover, my much neglected car will be kept cleaner and given a good washing at least once a month.

Anyway, I promise the next blog will be much more interesting. Happy New Year everyone!!!