Currently, the gluten-free menu at Chinese restaurant P.F. Chang’s consists mostly of chicken and a couple of seafood dishes. Trust me, I’m not complaining that those are my only choices. I’m just thrilled to be able to eat Chinese food at a restaurant without the fear of severe digestive discomfort an hour or day later.

But I am excited to be among the first to tell the world that P.F. Chang’s China Bistro is adding beef items to its gluten-free selections, according to a manager at one of my nearby P.F. Chang’s restaurants.  I don’t know when, but the manager said it would become a reality in a matter of weeks.

I learned of the change after the manager and my waiter had difficulty finding me their gluten-free soy sauce, which they said is usually stocked in their kitchen in mass amounts. The manager said the restaurant was short on the special sauce because the company is changing the menu to make all beef products gluten free.

Gluten is a protein in certain grains, such as wheat, oats and barley, that some cause severe allergic and digestive reactions in some people. Many people with an intolerance to gluten have what’s called Celiac disease. The reason for my allergy to gluten is unknown.

The standard menu’s for this restaurant chain vary by location but the gluten-free menu is the same at all sites.  A spokesperson for P.F.Change’s was not immediately available for comment tonight. I’ll try to confirm the beef-addition as soon as I can!

I’ve checked the restaurant’s news release page and its menus and haven’t seen any announcements yet.  I’m guessing they are waiting to launch the product to go public. You heard it here first folks, well at least, I think you did. lol.