So in preparing for my trip to Hong Kong in April, I’ve begun assessing what I will need to survive the 18 hour flight.

Among other things, I purchased (still waiting for it to come in the mail) a set of noise cancelling/music capable headphones.

I have a standard kit that I take on the plane for most trips of 5 hours or more. In addition to personal items, my carry-on kit usually includes cough drops, eye drops, handi-wipes, snacks, a crochet project, a new book, journal and a couple of pens/pencils, small bible, camera, ear plugs, small blanket and head/back pillow, extra cash, printed list of emergency contacts, itinerary/travel documents folder and a PDA phone full of music files and audio books.

This time, however, I’m debating whether I should take a crochet project. It might take up too much space in the bag. However, I could make something to give to my friends when I arrive.

Also in preparation for my time in Hong Kong, I have been emailing back and forth with my friends/hosts in Hong Kong to find out all kinds of details. They are being most helpful. But I did have to laugh when one friend said that girls wear really short skirts and low hanging pants but showing cleavage would stop traffic. I guess I’ll have to do a little shopping for some less revealing clothing. Yay, I love shopping.

Finally, I have invested in a little camera to take on the trip. A Cannon “Elph” PowerShot SD780 IS. It’s bright red and I’m already having a blast with it.  I’m also excited because I’ve purchased an 8 GB memory card that will allow me to take more than 2,000 shots at the highest setting (12.1 megapixels) and the camera also will record high-definition video.

Here are a couple sample photos I took of my doggie with the camera.


This is a classic shot of Sophie hoping against hope that my boyfriend will give her some of his food.

Sophie hopes for food