As it seems I am unable to access facebook while in Hanoi, Vietnam, I have decided to blog about my adventures. ps to leave comments please visit my blog ( as I will not be able to see the social networking site for two more days.

I am having a great time here and I have had a fantastic trip overall (with the exception of having to buy a replacement camera for the Vietnam part of my trip–silly me left my camera in the back seat of my friends’ car in Hong Kong.)

It’s the evening of my second day here and tomorrow is my last full day before I fly back to Hong Kong.

I have finally overcome my “stage fright”  of being here as a single woman (meaning unmarried), of sticking out as n American TOURIST and the fear of playing Russian roulette with my  life whenever I cross the road or eat street food. As it is, I usually have to walk along the roadsides because the sidewalks are usually taken up by parked motorcycles. By the way, I miss my boyfriend terribly.

I am enjoying the food tremendously.

I have eaten Pho for breakfast, lunch and dinner at local street vendor restaurants and so far have avoided the traveler’s sickness.

My hotel is lovely and I am provided with a fresh bowl of fruit (mango, apple, bananas and a citrus the size of an orange but with a lime green rind) in my room each day. It also has air conditioning, which is a welcome respite from the humidity outside.

I have seen all the tourist sites on my agenda in the last two days and I expect to write more about that later.

It’s 8 p.m. and I’m preparing for bed so I can get up early and have Vietnamese coffee at a place recommended by some locals.