Last year, I spent a week at a monastery and came back a calmer, happier and more peaceful woman.

I’ve begun to feel the itch to do so again and reboot my soul and mind, although in a less costly way.

I have found a place in Smithsburg, Maryland, where a retired Episcopalian priest has recently started a retreat hermitage where she welcomes guests for prayers, silent worship,  overnight stays, etc. It’s called the Hermitage at St. Anne’s,  a mission of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Smithsburg, MD.

I am signed up to stay there next weekend (December 3-5) from Friday evening through late Sunday.

After checking in, I will spend my two and half days there in silence. Moreover, I will turn off all my connections to the outside world, so don’t expect to reach me by phone, social media or email.

I desperately need more silence in my life. I know this because I have become addicted to noise, feeling anxious when without it.

It used to be that I would relish sitting on my couch crocheting in silence, or riding in my car without the radio/music. But now I need an audio book or music when crocheting.

Moreover, I no longer feel centered, balanced or the inner solitude that I felt after visiting the monastery Mepkin Abbey.

As far as I can tell, the hermitage is a house on a town street. Yet there are some advantages to its location.

I attended high school in the nearby area of Mount Aetna (near Hagerstown) and so I am somewhat familiar with Smithsburg. There is a really beautiful cemetery nearby the house where I can go and sit in relative solitude and think/pray, etc.

I’m also really grateful that the retired Priest, Elizabeth, has inquired into my food allergies and seems keen on accommodating my needs at the hermitage. It will be much easier to eat without talking (asking the ingredients to food) as a result.

Anyway, this weekend will be busy and filled with dinners with family and friends. This weekend I will be thankful for every moment I have here on this earth and for the wonderful people in my life who enrich it all the more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Hugs and love to you all.