Today I started my Saturday morning early to get some chores out of the way.

It was about 9:30 and I was listening to the radio when I turned my car into my driveway. I live in Takoma Park which has a few parks nearby but I’m not living next to any.

So I turned into my driveway, which enters from a road behind my house, and I saw a red tailed fox sitting there in my parking spot on the half gravel, half grassy ground. I paused my car for a second and tried to process what my eyes were seeing. My dog slightly resembles a fox. She has blondish-red hair and so for a second I thought it was my dog and that she had somehow gotten outside. But I realized it was a red-tailed fox.

The creature stared at me for what felt like 10 seconds and then sauntered off. I pulled into my parking spot and suddenly became concerned it had rabies. I slowly got out of the car and looked around the corner of the house. The fox was standing there. It turned its head saw me again and left the yard.

“Good,” I thought, “the fox is afraid of me so it probably doesn’t have rabies.”

Then it hit me. I had just stared directly into the eyes of a red fox with my windows down and about 5 feet between us.

It was a beautiful moment that made me miss my childhood days living on 7 acres of land where a family of red foxes lived in the thicket behind our home.