I  do not understand how the city’s metro system can handle more than a million riders on inauguration day but finds itself crippled when it comes to a couple of snow days.

Today is the second day we’ve had snow in these parts and I’ve found myself crammed into metro train cars with other work commuters, stuck in tunnels and at stations for nearly 10 minutes several times in one trip, and more Red Line “alerts” in my email inbox in the last two days than I think I accumulated in the last month.

What happened?

Did the metro cut back on staff because of school closures? Did they assume that less people would come into work? Are more people taking the metro because one of the spouses needed the car for the day to take the kids somewhere? Did more people take the metro to avoid driving in icy conditions?

I’m not sure and I’m not really upset. I’m just confused about the cause for 11 or more minutes between trains, crowded railway platforms and delays, delays, delays.

If tomorrow is another snow day, I’m seriously considering driving into the city to avoid the icy conditions on the metro.

p.s. I promise I will eventually write a follow up story to the inauguration festivities.