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For those of you who still check in on this blog occasionally, I apologize for the long period of silence.

Now that I can rant about things on the phone to my boyfriend each night (and he patiently listens and gives input where he can), I have had less of an urge to write.

But I’ve recently realized how much ranting I do on the phone, and I’ve decided to give my boyfriend a little break.

Also, it’s fall now, and I’m starting to have more breathing room in my schedule.

Therefore, come November, I will be back on the blog bandwagon and again resume posting stuff weekly.

In the meantime, my choir is performing this coming weekend in McLean, Virginia, at 4 p.m. Sunday October 31.

We gave a wonderful concert last night in Washington, D.C. (standing ovation from the audience) and I’m really looking forward to singing the same music again this weekend at a different location.

I had been struggling with the German diction in the Brahms gypsy songs, despite practicing the words for hours each week, and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get almost all of the words right and even be able to look up at the director every couple of measures during the concert.

My goal this week is to get the German all but memorized so I can bring another level of emotion to the singing and more attention to the director for this Sunday’s concert.

If you want a break from Halloween-related activities this weekend, come hear me sing with the National Master Chorale. For tickets and more information see our choir’s website.

We’re performing a relatively unknown, but absolutely stunning, mass by Rheinberger, as well as some other chant-like pieces. And for the second half, you’ll get to hear a rousing round of gypsy songs by Brahms that are sure to bring a smile to your face and make you want to tap the floor with your feet to the music.


The other day, I stocked up my yarn closet to ensure I’d have enough to keep my hands busy over the snowstorm.

Imagine my delight in finding a brand of yarn that uses 20 percent post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Better yet, it is some of the softest yarn I’ve found at chain craft stores.

Currently, I’m crocheting a wedding gift for my sister who is now engaged to a fantastic guy.  I’m using two yarns a kind of muted rose/pink and off-white to make it. Perhaps because of what it’s made of, the blanket is going to have a heavy, snugly feel. 

Caron makes the yarn and it offers a rainbow of color options available online. The local AC Moore in Rockville, Maryland, sells it in about half a dozen colors.

Anyway, I’m hopefully heading home from work early because they are predicting the area will get up to two feet of snow, and then I’ll be braving a drive up to Baltimore to spend the weekend with my boyfriend. Wish me luck.

Oh, and if you’ve heard of any other yarns that are going eco-friendly, please let me know!

So because I’m a volunteer for the swearing in/inauguration of Obama on the mall on Tuesday, I’ve been encouraged not to blog about anything for the time being as it might reflect back on the inaugural committee.

But that’s not the reason I’ve been silent. I’m busy as all get out.

Anyway, to edify you a bit I’ve posted some links to information and photos about the inaugural volunteers.

Believe it or not I’m in this photo of the volunteer training session on Monday. It was crazy.  If you really want to locate me I’m in the front row in front of the screen and I’m in between a brunet and red head. You can see a tiny bit of my blonde hair but that’s it. hahaha.

My job will be to help answer questions in the area where the general public (non-ticketed section of the mall) will gather. I’ll be between 4th and 7th streets and we have these cool red winter hats so you might be able to pick me out. ha. yeah right.

I’ll write all about my experience after the inauguration.

Are you coming into DC for the inauguration?

I know there are a MASSIVE number of websites to look at to find all the maps into the city, road closures, security point entry spots, etc. Yet if you only have time to look at four websites these are the ones I would recommend.

First, check out the Secret Service’s inauguration page and its list of prohibited items and map of restricted areas.

Second, use Google’s interactive map for getting into the city on the 20th. The map is updated based on the most current inauguration information available.

Third, check out a PDF map of the ticketed and non-ticketed entry points sections for the swearing in on the mall.  It looks like there is only one entry point for each type of ticket or non-ticket.

 Fourth, the DC inaugural page will be very helpful as it sort of serves as a clearing house for alerts, updates and maps.

In the meantime check out the Obama scarf I made. I created the crochet pattern and made two. One for me and one for a friend who has been a HUGE Obama supporter pretty much since the beginning.

Here’s a pic of the scarf.


Last night I was walking in Takoma Park when I came across a woman sitting on her front porch knitting a stuffed Dalek toy out of gold thread.

The geek in me giggled in glee.

I don’t knit. I crochet.  So today I decided to look for some Doctor Who-related crochet patterns.

I’ll be sure to post pictures of what I make. Here is what I’ve found. (more…)